I will use the ways of communication in the practice, especially to pay attention to the non-verbal way of communicating.

ManagerUNIOR TEHNA d.o.o.
Excellent communication trainer-student. I learned many things that can be implemented in practice.
SalesmanPetrol, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Positive energy, and the fact that exercises have “pushed” the participants to come out of their comfort zone.

ManagerBosnalijek d.d.

Positive energy, pleasant atmosphere, relaxed approach, animation through exercises.

ManagerUnited Colors of Benetton

I can use it right away but certainly I will apply a lot of ideas when I defend my master thesis.

ManagerNexe Grupa
This type of education assists in solving everyday issues and situations that arise both at work and in life.
SalesmanPetrol, Croatia
I will put an effort in changing the quality of my relationships with my colleagues, and bring it to the higher level by using expert knowledge.
ManagerPetrol, Serbia

Examples connected to behavior while presenting, body language, pauses while speaking.

ManagerArgeta doo

Assertive behavior inspired me for the future work, for easier problem solving with patients and associates. Very interesting.

SalesmanZeni lijek d.o.o.

Much respect for the organization, there were very good examples that I will use in everyday life.

ManagerArgeta doo
Being casual while being professional. Mentioning many subjects connected with sales are the reason for my own reexamination of my attitude towards work and upgrading my knowledge and skills.
SalesmanMoj San, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lecturers throughout the training give a lot of examples and keep the lecture interesting.

ManagerIntereuropa RTC
Communication that was totally natural and easy going, something that is rare nowadays.
SalesmanPetrol, Montenegro
Training was very casual, which encourages participants to interact. Topic was very close to the employees, and it was easy to follow. First training for me and I carry very positive impressions. Lecturer was exceptional.
Personal bankerUnicredit Bank, Bosnia and Herzegovina

More open, more constructive, more methodical interaction with the clients, in the sense of understanding their needs with an aim to achieve or prolong already existing cooperation.

OperativeIntereuropa RTC