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Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today!

Malcolm X

CITT d.o.o.?

CITT was founded with a purpose to offer best consulting and training services to sales-oriented companies. As a part of its activities CITT focuses on improvement within the system of sales, sales organization, and skills of the sales staff along with all the marketing activities.


CITT offers to its clients tools from the most prominent world practices. It offers modern, developed, and technologically advanced training methods. Also, CITT recommends methods of evaluating participants’ expertise and gives guidelines in how to follow the training impact. Knowing market movements, regulations, and possibilities while using detailed analysis and constant advancement, CITT gains competitive market advantage.


Become a leading regional Business Service Provider for sales-oriented companies through educational programs and tailored consulting approach, while offering tools and solutions in sales, in business and marketing planning, as well as in implementation of sales and marketing plans.