Sanja Culina-Okic

executive director/trainer

As an executive director of CITT d.o.o., Sanja Culina-Okic is one of the leading trainers and business women in the region. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2001, majoring in international business and trade. In 2003 she acquired a professional teacher’s certificate in business education, as she began her journey into the world of business education. With over 13 years of experience in the US as a consultant, manager, supervisor and educator, she focused on entrepreneurship and improvement in business. Since 2009, soon after her return to Sarajevo, she became director of CITT and under her leadership company expanded its activities to offering consulting services, education and trainings in sales management and marketing. She constantly invests in her education (mostly through educational seminars and schools in the US) and follows business trends and market progress. By using new skills and knowledge, and introducing innovative methods in business through education, she brings business improvement and quality results to her clients.

Amela Vatreš

marketing coordinator

Amela is a student of Information technologies at International Burch University. Step by step, by getting out of her comfort zone, she became a person who can often be found in the role of presenter, moderator, organizer or leader. These are her favorite functions, and they brought her to the CITT team.
She thinks herself as very responsible and diligent person and likes to take care of details, in order to make everything close to the perfection. Generally, she is a critical person and is not afraid to present all of the cons. Afterward, she will try to find the best solution.
Amela is a scholar and a volunteer at Fondacija Hastor, organizer of seminars and conferences and a future IT expert.

External associates

Danijel Lozancic

business development manager

Since spring 2015 as a marketing coordinator and later as a business development manager with CITT d.o.o., Danijel Lozancic has a longtime experience in event organization, administration, translation and working in non-profit sector – writing and implementing projects. He graduated at Saint John’s University, MN, USA, in 2007, double majoring in English and philosophy. He has over 15 years of work experience in B&H and abroad that he gained working for local and international organizations and with people from various cultural backgrounds, social groups, and educational profiles. Major part of his experience he gained in developing individuals through education (formal and informal) combined with practical work, because he believes that individual development contributes to the development of the society as whole. Second important part of his work experience he gained working on developing organizations, companies, institutions, and local government.

Damir Delić Đuljić


Damir Delić Đuljić is a consultant and trainer with many years of experience in research and consulting companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, with an emphasis on SMEs and family businesses. With an educational background in social sciences and an MBA degree, as well as significant experience in consulting in the region, he works on the topics of the highest operational and strategic importance for companies, including the introduction of a liability system, the definition and implementation of the organizational structure, and the introduction of strategic tools for company development. In addition to consulting, his workshops are devoted to teamwork, introduction and implementation of strategic tools in the fields of sales, marketing and development. With his main business background in marketing and research, he delivers implementable, clearly defined solutions based on the current position of the company (mission) and the optimum utilization potential in the context of the company’s mid-term orientation (vision). Prefers working with entrepreneurial ventures, successful business stories that involve the need for professionalization. He is a master candidate in chess.